Goodbye CricHQ

NZ Cricket has recently ended its arrangement with CricHQ which means that from the 2022/23 season, we have a new online scoring and playing statistics system!

Hello PlayHQ

NZ Cricket has signed up to an Australian multisport application called PlayHQ and from this season forward, PlayHQ will be used for online scoring, player statistics, and as NZ Cricket’s master database of registered cricketers. Many other clubs are using it as their main platform for registrations etc. Not here at Grafton, we are sticking with Friendly Manager.

What does this mean for Grafton?

We will continue to use Friendly Manager as our club administration software and all members will continue to register as usual via our website and into Friendly Manager, although you will also need to register on PlayHQ.

Now we understand that nobody likes doing things twice and annoying as it is, there isn't an alternative way this year [trust us, we've tried]. If you are playing cricket this season, a PlayHQ player profile is required. Thankfully the PlayHQ registration process is pretty painless, only takes a few minutes and doesn't cost a cent:)

Info and Guides


As noted above, here at Grafton we will continue to use Friendly Manager as our membership software and all registrations and payments will be handled through Friendly Manager.

How’s this all going to work?

When you register for the coming season you will receive a confirmation email which will include a link so you can register for Grafton on PlayHQ. We will add everyone to grades and teams once Auckland Cricket have everything setup in the background and we will share more details as we approach the season, especially regarding scoring!

A few things to note

  • No fees or payments should be paid in PlayHQ – just register.

  • You require a PlayHQ profile to play cricket. If you don't get onto it immediately we will be chasing you, it is mandated by NZ Cricket.

  • You will receive a PlayHQ link with your Grafton registration confirmation email..

Who else uses PlayHQ

It is early days for PlayHQ but they have signed up a raft of different sporting bodies including Cricket Australia, Netball Australia, Basketball Australia and Hockey New Zealand, amongst others.

How is scoring going to work this season?

All game scoring will be undertaken on PlayHQ. This didn't work for everyone last year but there have been a raft of updates and changes, taking on board a lot of your feedback. We are looking forward to a much improved season with PlayHQ.

Every player needs a PlayHQ profile before taking the field.

Register on PlayHQ at the link below

PlayHQ Registration