PlayHQ - Start scoring

Nine steps to get started

  1. Go to the PlayHQ Live Scoring Platform (
  2. Log in (if you don't have a login check this out)
  3. Select a venue to get started (you need to know where you are playing, though hopefully, you are there already!)
  4. Select the game day
  5. Create a PIN
  6. Select Start Session
  7. A big blue tick (this is a good sign)
  8. Pick your wicket (oval)
  9. Select the match and you are away, either Edit the line-up or begin with the Toss

Signing out can be more painful

Some people are experiencing some pain logging out, please take your time and be persistent.  

Remember to exit the game, exit the session and log out.

If you are struggling please take a moment to clear your cache and then log out.