Senior Registrations

Registration Instructions

This year every player is required to register on two systems, our system (Friendly Manager) and the new NZ Cricket scoring platform (PlayHQ). PlayHQ is replacing CricHQ and there is a link below to more information for those that are interested. They are both pretty self-explanatory processes but do call out if you have any trouble.

We understand it is painful having to register into one system and that no one likes to do things twice but we are hopeful this will only happen once and there is no way getting set up without you registering on PlayHQ.

Senior Subs

Check out our Senior Subscriptions page for more details on subs for this season.

Register at Grafton United

Register as an Individual Grade Cricketer or in your team at Grafton United HERE

All players need to register on Friendly Manager - sign in or register and make your choice from the 2023/24 Seniors drop-down list.

Register on PlayHQ

Register as a Grafton senior player on PlayHQ HERE

Scroll down to Senior Grades and select "Register as a Player, Coach or Team Manager"

You will need to log in or create an account, at this stage you are just registering on PlayHQ as a Grafton United senior player, nothing more. We'll sort the rest.

No one needs to make any payments while registering on PlayHQ. 

More information regarding PlayHQ is available HERE

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If you have any questions regarding senior registrations, please contact the team at Grafton