Girls Smash Festival

Girls' Smash Festival

Central Auckland Girls Smash

Where: Cox's Bay in Westmere

When: Thursday 3 November 2022

Time: 9:30 to 2 PM

Year 3 to Year 6 only in two mixed year groups

The focus of this festival is on participation. The umpires may switch batters around and allow bowlers
to throw underarm to ensure every player has an even go and more fun in general

All equipment is provided

School Bookings
Schools should enter teams through the Auckland Cricket link below. Y
ou are welcome to enter as many teams as you like.

Entries close 5 PM Thursday 20 October.

How to play

  • 6 a-side teams

  • Everyone bats 2 overs & bowls 1 over

  • Players bat in pairs for 2 overs each

  • 1 bowler, 1 keeper, 2 fielders on each side of the pitch

  • Plus 3 runs to the fielding teams score for each wicket they get

  • Batters to swap ends at the umpire's discretion to allow for equal balls faced between the pair

  • Can only be out caught, bowled or run out

  • No boundaries, run your runs

  • 6 ball overs max (Wides/No balls not re-bowled)

  • Batswoman hit from a tee hit if the delivery faced is a wide or no ball

  • Players rotate one fielding position at the end of an over

  • Overs should be bowled from one fixed end of the pitch

  • Each team starts on 100 runs

  • The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins