Grafton Academy

Grafton Development Academy - 

This programme has been designed by Grafton's Premier and Reserves Coaches Raja Sandhu and Thushan Dodampegamage.

Back for 2023-24, the Grafton Development Academy targets all our young lions and lionesses aspiring to fully realise their potential and successfully play in their grades through the junior club, and prepare them for the move into higher-grade cricket and into college. This programme breaks down the player's individual skill set and works to enhance their technical, mental, tactical and physical capabilities. Capacity is strictly limited to ensure focused attention on your child. Players will improve incrementally over the course of the program and be highly motivated for the season by establishing achievable targets and goals.

Program Breakdown

The programs will be broken down according to the age of your group to ensure all players participating are with their correct cohort, and to give players the ability to grow their game amongst their peers. 


Program structure

The 2023-24 academy program will take place over a 6-week block for 1.5 hours at the Grafton Indoor School (Victoria Park), starting from w/c Mon 12 Feb - Sun 24 March (inclusive)

Each week our players will dive deeper into each facet of the game through batting fundamentals (i.e. grip, stance, footwork etc), bowling fundamentals (pace, spin, run-up, delivery process etc), gameplans and tactics as appropriate to age.


  • $100.00 p/player for 6-week program (Grades 3 & 4)
  • $125.00 p/player for 6-week program (Girls/ U10/ U11/ U12/ U13)

Bookings are open NOW, if you have any questions about any of the programs or sessions touch base with our team.