Senior Subcriptions

2023-24 Season Subs

Note: All prices are inclusive of GST.

Men's Cricket

  • Premier & Premier Reserve: $395.00

  • Grade Cricket (3rd to 7th Grade): $345.00

  • Students: $285:00

  • University Students (summer months only): $150.00

Women's Cricket

  • Premier Reserve: $250.00

Independent Teams

  • Grade Cricket Teams: $3,300.00

  • Limited Over Teams: $2,650.00

  • T20 Teams (Saturday and Sundays): $875.00 per half-season (1,750.00 full-season)


  • Supporters Membership: $100.00 (includes a free Grafton polo shirt)

Note: Independent Teams - Don't hesitate to get in touch with the office for more details and to establish a payment plan

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If you have any questions regarding senior registrations, please contact the team at Grafton