PlayHQ - Getting set up

Get set up as a Scorer on PlayHQ

All scorers need to be set up on PlayHQ to score games. 

Once we have completed the set up you will receive one of two emails from PlayHQ to confirm you have been set up as an Electronic Scoring Administrator:

  1. If you are new to PlayHQ you will receive an email titled "Welcome to PlayHQ!". Please follow the links and set yourself up on PlayHQ.
  2. If you have already signed up to PlayHQ you will receive an email titled "You've been added to Grafton United Cricket Club"

Both of these emails confirm your scoring permissions. Now you just need to learn to score:)

Please use the linked Google Form to provide us with the information PlayHQ requires to set you up as an Electronic Scoring Administrator.

PlayHQ Scoring Setup [Google Form]

NB: You only require one login. Once you have activated your Electronic Scoring Administrator account you can score any Grafton team in any grade or competition

Learning and Scoring

There are plenty of guides, FAQs, videos and online tools all referenced here

Alternatively, you can get started, see our simple 9-step guide here