Lion Speed

We all want to be faster!

Here are a few things that will help

#1 Is we have to think and believe we are fast and going to get faster. Part of being fast is mental!!

Warm up drills 20m

- High Knee karaoke

- Over the hurdle (balance, heel toe land)

- Knee to chest (balance, mid foot strike)

- Figure four

- Lunge 3 sec pause (palm reach up)

- Lunge Twist (pull wrist)

- Toe Touch/High kick

- High knee (10x in place, lean forward and go)

- Butt Kick ( 10x in place, lean forward and go)

- Straight leg kicks (heels slightly off the ground)

- Side step

- Side step jumping jack

- L sit arm swings (gradually get faster)

- Standing arm swings (gradually get faster)

- Toes out walk (heels elevated)

- Toes in walk (heels elevated)

- Heel walk (toes up)

- Tip teoe walk (high as you can)

- Walk on outside of feet

- Walk on inside of feet

- Ankle dribbles/backwards run

- 20m run 10m slow down @80%

- 40m run 10m slow down @80%