Y1 & 2

Season Dates:

Pre-Christmas: Saturday 2nd November 2019 - Saturday 14th December 2019      

Post-Christmas: Saturday 1st February 2020 - Saturday 21st March 2020                                                                                  

Playing age:  Year 1 & 2 at school in 2019 at season start.  

Practices: Thursdays some time between 4.00pm – 6pm at Cox’s Bay Reserve depending on the Coach's availability (will be confirmed by Team Coach and Manager before the season start)   

Coaching: The Club is reliant on volunteer support to coach and manage these teams. The team's coach/es take team practices, are responsible for the gear bag and help to set up games on Saturday mornings. Don't worry! We have lots of resources to help you if you're new to coaching and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  All of our coaches must complete the free Foundation Course and be police vetted by NZC. Contact the Grafton office for more information.

Games: Pre-Christmas, all games will be held at 8.30am at Cox's Bay Reserve and be Grafton v Grafton. Post-Christmas, teams also compete against Parnell CC & Auckland University. 

Teams: 8 children per team formed & advised at the beginning of the season by your Grade Co-ordinator. There is the opportunity to put forward a team preference during the registration process - please use the comments box provided. Teams are not automatically carried over from previous years.

Rules and Conditions of Play: Please click on the 'EDCA Playing Conditions' under Downloads > Playing Conditions. 

Gear: All playing & coaching gear required will be supplied to the team coach at the start of the season, please help the team look after it. More gear is available as needed, please contact the GUCC Office. Children are welcome to bring their own gear, but please name and phone number it! 

Clothing: Closed in shoes and a sunhat for practices and games. New coloured club shirts will be available to buy at Cricket Express shortly! These are not compulsory. 

Cancellations: Cancellations will be posted on the Grafton Junior Facebook group and on the club's homepage by 7am on a Saturday morning. 

If you're new to the club and would like to register for the season, click on 'register as a member' at the top right of your screen