Scoring and CricHQ

Scoring for Y2-4

 For all Y2, Y3 & Y4 grades, matches can be scored on paper score sheets. Each team will have been provided with a number of these score sheets at the start of the season. Scoresheets can also be found under the downloads tab.

- The basic scorecard can also be entered on CricHQ e.g. net runs and total wickets for each innings. For more information on how to upload a basic scorecard please use the following link 

- To enter a basic scorecard you will need to be assigned as an adminstrator for your team on CricHQ. Please contact in the office to be assigned.

Scoring for U10 +

- Please note that submitting scores on CricHQ for Y5 + is compulsory. The match can be live scored 'online' or 'offline'.

- If you are choosing to score the match ‘online’ you will need mobile data to download the match at the ground. Once the match is scored you simply upload the match and it will automatically sync it to the CricHQ cloud.

- If you choose to score the match ‘offline’ you will need to download the match from home via Wifi. Once the match has been downloaded you can live score the match ‘offline’ and upload it when you get home. Once the match is uploaded it will automatically sync it to the CricHQ cloud.

- As a back-up you can use paper score sheets and upload the full scorecard later. Scoresheets can be found under the downloads tab. 

- Results must be submitted before 5pm on the Monday following your game. If a result has not been entered, Auckland Cricket will automatically assign points which could affect your teams standings.

How do I score using the CricHQ app?

- Ensure you are assigned as an administrator for the team you're scoring for. Contact to be assigned. 

- Download the CricHQ app from the Android or Apple store.

- Watch the following 20 minute video tutorial  

For further help ...... 

- Find the button on the bottom of any page on the CricHQ website called ‘Need some help?’  Or,
- Visit: for FAQs or find the green tab on the bottom right of the window to get your questions answered directly by CricHQ.