Police vetting

Who needs to be police vetted?

Any Staff Member and Volunteer who has Regular (once a week or at least 4 days in a month) or Overnight Contact with a Child or Vulnerable Adult must be Police Vetted.  This will include coaches, assistant coaches, umpires and managers. Police vetting is not necessary for persons who assist on an occasional basis.

Coaches need to bring photo identification with them to the practical element of their coaching course so the office can submit their details for police vetting. Volunteers can still perform their roles whilst a police vet is in progress. Umpires and managers need to go on the following site https://www.nzc.nz/community/coaches-corner/register, choosing the 'umpires, scorers and team manager' option under 'Coaching level'. From here the office can then start the police vetting process for you. 

If you have any queries around police vetting please contact the office charlie@graftoncricket.co.nz