Codes of Conduct

Coaching Code of Conduct 

  1. Consider why your players want to play cricket. Take the fun out of cricket and you will take the kids out of the game.
  2. Be reasonable in your demands on the players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.
  3. Cater for varying levels of ability and maturity so that all players have a ‘fair go’.
  4. Provide equal encouragement to all players to participate, acquire skills and to develop confidence.
  5. Keep yourself informed on playing conditions and ensure players understand the need to participate according to the rules.
  6. Teach your players The Spirit of Cricket, ensure they understand it, and ensure they abide by it.
  7. Prepare and conduct sessions based on sound coaching principles.
  8. Develop team respect for the ability of opponents as well as the judgement of umpires.
  9. Lead by example and display good sportsmanship for your players to copy.
  10. The scheduling and length of practice times and games should take into consideration the maturity level of the players.
  11. Remember that players play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only part of it. Never ridicule or yell at the players for making mistakes or losing a game.
  12. Coaches are to mutually resolve all matters concerning a game including verification of rules.

Team selection for Y1 - 4

  1. Teams are not graded.
  2. Teams are not automatically carried over from previous years. Please use the comments box on the registration form to specify a friend/friends and the club will endeavour to meet these requests where possible. 
  3. The club aims to allocate new players amongst existing teams.
  4. The Club Manager reserves the right to completely re-mix teams in a year group.

Team selection for Y5 +

  1. Each competition will allow for entry of Blue, White and Red grades where clubs self-select what level their teams should play in. This is dependant on team numbers.
  2. Grafton holds pre-season trials for players in Y6 +.
  3. Players can decide not to trial but are unlikely to be considered for Limited Over/Premier teams. 
  4. Trials will be based on sessions in the nets and where possible a game situation.
  5. Parents are requested not to attend trials.
  6. Selections are made by our Head Junior Coach who will liaise with the relevant grade co-ordinator.