Carparking and proposed changes at Victoria Park

We are working with the Waitematā Local Board, Auckland Council and their design partners on changes they have proposed at Victoria Park. Given Victoria Park’s primary purpose as a sport and recreation destination, it is vital that there is adequate access and parking for our members, member families and our opponents.

The proposed changes revolve around creating a heritage style red shared pedestrian/cycling path around the playing fields, minimising vehicles along the accessway and limiting access to the cricket club and indoor training facility.

On your behalf, we have been working to highlight concerns and alternatives so that we have access to the club and car parking, especially after school, on weekends and during busy cricket periods. This includes a presentation in mid-June to the Waitematā Local Board by our chair, Mark Bird, and Victoria Park Sports and Cultural Trust chair, Nicholas Albrecht.

To ensure we continue to reflect your views and support, we are seeking member feedback as we work with the Auckland Council and the Waitematā Local Board.

Local Board/Council proposed plan (Option 1)

Improve health and safety by minimising cars from the shared accessway which stretches from the old Greenkeepers Cafe along the front of the clubrooms to create a heritage style red shared path around the playing fields. This would involve relocating access to the club and routing club traffic through the (to be modified) public carpark. Concrete planter boxes would restrict access to the club carpark. This plan, called Option 1, can be viewed here

Resulting effect on the club members and visitors

Limiting access to the club by rerouting traffic through a modified car park will result in any drop-offs and pick-ups having to enter a car park cul-de-sac. The reality of running a central city sports club means it is imperative that there are safe and secure access and drop zones close to the club which don't result in gridlocked parking.

The latest updated proposal allows for two drop-off parks but still leaves club parking dramatically reduced and poor traffic flow to and from the club. The proposed solution does not allow for any increased sports-related parking or access to the club, ultimately, it does the opposite.

Grafton's preferred option (Option 2)

With our focus firmly on access, safety and the delivery of cricket (organised sport) at Victoria Park. We are advocating for Option 2 to allow the flow of traffic for pick-ups and drop-offs plus more controlled use of the public car park during busy sporting periods, after schools and weekends.

We believe that this option is a compromise that reflects the spirit of the excellent partnership between the club and Waitematā Local Board developed over many years and the demands of playing sport at Victoria Park. You can view Option 2 here

For more information, you can view Auckland Council's proposal to the Local Board.

What can you do to help?

We are interested and keen to hear any feedback or if you are in a position to help us as we work to ensure that any changes need to reflect the realities of running organised sport, particularly cricket, here at Victoria Park. Please contact us directly via email here